Are we killing ourselves for money?

Why are we trashing the living world? destroying #biodiversity; the last of the Amazon jungle, the African and Asian jungles, our food & medicinal forests for grazing, for metals. Turning the last of #nature into money, until there is nothing left to sell. Why are we killing ourselves for money? Creating #pollution, #climate change #refugees, #wealth inequality # resource depletion along the way? Why are we creating #monocultures, vulnerable to diseases and less resistant to climate change, depleting and poisoning the soil?

We have all the #SOLUTIONS to live beautifully on this planet

We need a new story that explains the present and describes the future.
The new version of Normal is Over The Movie is such a story. We seem to have lost the plot. We need to change our mindset; our belief system; our #economic system based on #infinite #growth on a #finite #planet. Our interest-based bank-debt money system has created scarcity rather then abundance. This needs to change. Ecology and economy come from the same root “Oicos”, our home, they should be doing the same thing.  Every species is interdependent. That way, they can work together as a whole.

We have lost our sense of #community along the way too.

For most of the time on this planet (99%) we lived in communities, in groups of 20 to 30 people who worked together, cooked together, we lived and died together with people we felt a deep connection to. Today we live anonimously in cities, work in offices with people whose values we dont share, making products we dont need, and get too concerned with falling in love with 1 person only.
You have to analyse these problems first before you can assist with the many different solutions that are out there. Each of us can contribute to a better world, in line to his/her own talents; bottom up and top down.  
People from all walks of life hosted screenings already.
 From #Unilever, #Patagonia, #Philips,  4 Banks, to #Extinction Rebellion (XR) in #NY, #London, #Amsterdam, #Chicago and tomorrow in #Washington#DC 🙂
Hosting a screening creates this sense of community we are all craving:
It is more fun, and has more #impact. Otherwise watch the new version of Normal Is Over The Movie 1.1 online. Over 25 volunteers are-and-have- been working hard to translate the film in many languages.
Generous people are donating to The New Normal Foundation. I created the updated version this way. We need more funds to connect money to nature . Film is a great tool for change!
Itunes, Amazon, Google Play.
Soon, On September 23, 2019, Normal is Over 1.1 will be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.