It is an honour to have been nominated to be keynote speaker at the Illinois Wesleyan university this April. Theme: . About 5 screenings of the new version of have been planned in the area in the US so far. Generous people have been working to make that happen.

Feel free to organise more , in the US. I can accept invitations in other parts of the world as well
I have over 10 more screenings and speaking events of Normal Is Over coming up this year in Europe this year: Frankfurt, London, maybe Oxford, and of course in The Netherlands.In October another speaking event at Leiden University.
I will announce these in more detail next time as there are still some moving pieces.
I will not only talk about climate and renewable energy as these are symptoms of a deeper problem. Just as species extinction and plastic pollution are symptoms of our consumer society where we meet all our needs with money.
Our ecological crisis is inextricably bound to an old story on economics, and our culture is based on it.
I explore the “Big Picture” of sustainability, encompassing environmental issues – global warming & hazardous waste, economics, the global food industry and more!
The new version of Normal Is Over 1.1 is available from my website here:
Ideally I d like to share the film with the world for free, welcoming viewers to pay a fee that feels appropriate to them, as we have no time to lose.
However we are looking for a team that can help with an outreach campaign to create awareness.
They need to be paid, therefore we set up the Foundation:
We are also in the process of adjusting all other languages. Only the English version has been completed so far.
Tip: Screen the new version of Normal is Over 1.1 and start more conversations- seek macro and micro solutions.
Awareness creates change. We need action now.