After having been in the Bay Area, in #California, for just about 5 months, I am happy to say that the US part of the foundation is almost good to go:)
We have a bank account number at a Sustainable Bankthe Beneficial State Bank in Oakland and fundraising -to help spread the word about Normal Is Over The Movie, –and to implement some of the SOLUTIONS offered- will soon begin:)  So cool to have a team!  1 + 1 = 3 (see attached pic)
At the beginning of August I travelled to Amsterdam -not just to wake up the Dutch foundation, but also to attend screenings. The first screening @ De Ceuvel was a full house despite the heavy rain! They offered to organise a SECOND screening at the Ceuvel in #Amsterdam on October 10, @ 19.30. Very cool. I will attend for Q and A.
The ImpactHub in Amsterdam will be holding a screening on October 4, at 19.30 – 10.
I will also attend for a Q and A.
Meanwhile Normal Is Over is on sale in 10 theaters in #Australia via Cinema on Demand 
And in the USA as well via #Cinema-on-Demand  called Gather.
The first screening was sold out. Who will be the next “captain”? They find a theatre, & organise the ticketing.
Of course everyone is free to contact me for community screenings,  educational screenings ,
Soon I will make the film available online. Watch this space.